Sleep Apnoea & Snoring Treatment In Melbourne

Do you wake up tired in the morning?

Bayside Smiles does more than take care of your dental health. We also offer sleep apnoea treatment, as well as snoring treatment in our Melbourne clinic.

Many people think they wake up tired in the morning because they didn’t sleep for enough hours. The truth is it’s not how long you sleep for it is the quality of your sleep.

What is sleep apnoea?

Sleep apnoea, or apnea, occurs when the walls of the throat come together while you sleep and block off airways. This stops you breathing until your brain registers the lack of oxygen and sends a wake-up call: you’re awake long enough to open the airway and then you drift back to sleep.

You won’t even know you’re doing it. You’ll just wake up tired because constantly waking up prevents your body from falling into the deep sleep necessary for a good night’s sleep.

There are degrees of severity. It can range from normal sleep apnoea (less than 5 interruptions per hour) through to severe sleep apnoea (over thirty interruptions per hour).

Symptoms of sleep apnoea

Did you know that sleep apnoea is responsible for more motor vehicle accidents than drink-driving? Some of the symptoms include:

  • Poor concentration
  • Irritability and mood changes
  • Daytime sleepiness, fatigue and tiredness
  • Impotence and reduced sex drive

Snoring & sleep apnoea treatment

There is a range of treatments depending on your individual situation. The most common sleep apnoea treatment in Melbourne is the CPAP: this is a mask worn at night which keeps the back of your throat open. However, some patients find it difficult to wear this mask, which is why there are alternative methods of treatment.

Another form of treatment is wearing a mouthguard or mandibular advancement splint. These work by holding your jaw forward during sleep and are effective if you suffer from mild or moderate sleep apnoea.

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