Tooth Decay Treatment

Restore your teeth with dental fillings. Alongside fissure sealants, dental fillings in Melbourne are one of the common treatments a dentist performs.

A fissure sealant is a pre-emptive treatment most commonly used for children. This involves placing composite resin in the deep grooves in the teeth to make it easier for children to keep their teeth clean and free of bacteria and decay. Fissure sealants are typically placed on the chewing surfaces of back teeth (molars and premolars).

How do dental fillings work

When you visit Bayside Smiles for your routine dental examination, we take digital x-rays to ensure the internal health of your teeth as well the health of your jaw. If the x-ray shows decay in any of your teeth we recommend you have a filling.

The advantage of a dental filling tooth decay treatment is that it can prevent further dental complications from occurring. By cleaning out the decay and replacing it with the dental filling the tooth is protected from further harm.

However, this does not mean that with a filling the tooth is impervious to decay. If you do not take care of your teeth, filling or not, it is still susceptible to decay.

Why bother getting a dental filling

A filling is used when there is decay in the tooth which hasn’t spread too far. In worst case scenarios tooth decay spreads through the tooth and into the roots. If this happens a tooth filling is no longer an option—you would need root canal therapy.

A dental filling is a simple tooth decay treatment that can be carried out in one appointment. And thanks to today’s technology dental fillings are minimally invasive and are colour-matched to your teeth.

At Bayside Smiles, we do not use amalgam (silver) fillings because not only are they unsightly but they require healthy tooth structure to be removed. Also, it has been shown that amalgam fillings don’t entirely protect the tooth.

In some cases decay forms under the filling wreaking havoc on your tooth. There is also the fact that amalgam fillings expand and contract with temperature leaving the risk of cracking your tooth.

What makes our tooth decay treatment different

When you visit Bayside Smiles our friendly team will assess your health and determine what the best option for your oral health is. Dental fillings are a minimally invasive way of helping you to keep your teeth healthy for longer.

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