Complete & Partial Dentures In Melbourne

At Bayside Smiles we believe in providing patients with a range of options for replacing missing teeth. We offer patients a wide variety of options for tooth replacement including bridges, dental implants and partial dentures in Melbourne.

Among the list, dentures can provide patients with a practical way of replacing broken or chipped teeth. A denture is a removable replacement for teeth.

Dentures come in two main types: Complete and partial. As their names suggest, complete dentures are when all teeth are missing and partial dentures are used when there are some natural teeth left.

There is also a third option: implant-supported dentures. At Bayside Smiles we offer All-on-4, a treatment which not only replaces teeth but also looks after the health of your jaw bone.

Complete dentures

Sometimes a patient will have two or three teeth left. In these cases, it is better to remove the few remaining teeth and replace the whole row of teeth with a complete denture.

Complete dentures are available as either conventional or immediate. The difference is conventional dentures are made after teeth have been extracted. When the teeth are extracted the moulds are made and then 8 to 12 weeks later the conventional denture will be ready for placement.

An immediate denture is when the dentures are made in advance and are ready to be placed as soon as the teeth have been removed. Typically speaking conventional dentures are better long-term.

Immediate dentures are useful during the 8 to 12 weeks you are waiting for your conventional dentures. As this means you don’t have to spend up to three months without any teeth.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is similar in some ways to a bridge except the replacement teeth are attached to a gum-coloured plastic base. This is then attached with clasps, which look like small hooks, placed around the teeth on either side of the gap. One of the advantages of a partial denture over a dental bridge is that a bridge is fixed, whereas a partial denture can be removed and new replacement teeth added.

The treatment process

Depending on the type of dentures you receive it can take up to three appointments to place dentures.

  1. The first appointment is the assessment and planning of your treatment—if you are having immediate dentures placed this is when the mould will be taken.
  2. The second appointment is when the teeth are removed and the immediate denture placed.
  3. You will only need a third appointment if you are having conventional dentures placed. This appointment takes place 8 to 12 weeks after your teeth have been removed. At this appointment, one of our hygienists will show you the best way to maintain your denture.

Dentures in Melbourne

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