Bridges & Dental Crowns In Melbourne

Are you looking for a strong and reliable way to repair a chipped or cracked tooth? Bayside Smiles offers a range of treatments such as crowns and dental bridges in Melbourne to help patients receive the dental care they need.

Two of the treatments we offer include

  1. Dental crowns
  2. Dental bridges

Our restorative bridges and dental crowns have helped thousands of patients around the world with chipped, cracked or missing teeth.

Porcelain crowns

Your tooth has two parts—the root and the crown. The crown is the part of your tooth visible above the gum line.

A dental crown is a porcelain restoration placed over your tooth to protect it from further damage. There are a variety of dental crowns depending on your needs. For example you can get all-porcelain crowns and porcelain-on-metal crowns.

The advantage of porcelain-on-metal crowns is that you have the strength and durability of a metal crown but it looks and feels like a natural tooth. The porcelain is colour and shade matched to your natural teeth.

The treatment process

Treatment for dental crowns takes two appointments:

  1. In the first appointment a mould is taken of your teeth and the tooth is prepared for the dental crown.

    The impression of your teeth is sent off to the lab where your dental crown will be fabricated. In the meantime your Bayside Smiles dentist will attach a temporary crown until the other dental crown comes back from the lab.

  2. One or two weeks later, you will have your second appointment. During this appointment the temporary crown is removed and replaced with the more permanent dental crown.

It should be noted that dental restorations don’t last forever. The average lifespan of a dental crown is between 10 and 15 years depending on how well you look after your oral health.

Dental bridges

A dental bridge is one of the treatment options we offer for tooth loss. A bridge is two dental crowns attached to a prosthetic tooth. Literally, a dental bridge bridges the gap left by one or two missing teeth.

The treatment process for a dental bridge is similar to that of a dental crown. The only difference is two teeth, not one, are prepared for dental crowns and these two dental crowns will be attached to one or more false teeth.

A dental bridge treatment can take up to three appointments and when it’s completed it will look and feel like a natural tooth and replace the gap.

How to get dental crowns in Melbourne

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