Fixing a Malocclusion

Do you have a problem with your bite?

In dentistry a bite, whether it’s an underbite or overbite, is known as malocclusion.

For the most part patients do not know that they have a problem with their bite. This is generally because bite problems (your bite is the way your teeth fit together) happen in different ways. There are times when bite problems will make you feel as though your teeth are going to fall out and other times you won’t know there’s a problem. Also, the problems may be with your neck, or headaches which you wouldn’t normally associate with a bad bite.

How Bayside Smiles assess a malocclusion

When you visit Bayside Smiles for your routine dental examination, you will be asked to bite down to check your teeth alignment. If it looks like there is malocclusion your Bayside Smiles dentist may suggest x-rays. An x-ray will allow your dentist to assess the position of your teeth in relation to your neck, jaw and head.

Managing excessive wear of teeth

If you grind your teeth at night you may wake up with headaches, a sore jaw and your teeth may feel wobbly. There is a simple bite test your dentist can carry out to ascertain if you do suffer from night time grinding.

If, on inspection, it turns out that you do grind your teeth at night then you will be informed of your options. The most popular option is a nightguard. This is a mouthguard-like device which is placed on your lower teeth. Worn while you sleep, the nightguard is designed to protect your teeth from the damage of grinding. It is also supposed to train your teeth to stop grinding.

The most common cause for teeth grinding is stress, and since there is no dental cure for stress we can only offer a nightguard.

Treating developing bite problems

For patients whose jaws are still developing it is possible to prevent malocclusion; or at least limit the problem. The most common method of treating a developing bite is to use early intervention orthodontics. This involves assessing the patient’s teeth and determining the best way to help their teeth into the desired position: whether that’s through braces or a treatment like arch-expanders. The best treatment will depend on the age and condition of the patient’s bite.

Malocclusion treatment by Bayside Smiles

If you are waking up with headaches, sore neck, shoulders and teeth we strongly advise you visit the dentist. A routine dental examination can easily determine if you are suffering malocclusion or not. With a routine examination, we can assess your oral health and provide you with the best form of treatment for your needs.

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