All On 4 Dental Implants In Melbourne

Traditional forms of implant-supported denture treatment can take up to 6 months from beginning to end. What if you could have dental plants in Melbourne done in less than a week?

At Bayside Smiles in Melbourne we offer patients the All on 4 in Melbourne. The All on 4 treatment involves the placement of a complete denture on just 4 dental implants.

This modern technique involves placing the implant at a 45 degree angle to provide the necessary support for total rehabilitation. The reason the implants are placed at this angle is to overcome the issue which sometimes arises of there being insufficient bone to place the implants. What this means for patients is that more often than not, bone grafting is unnecessary.

Dental implants and your oral health

The loss of a tooth can cause a series of problems for your oral health. For instance when you lose a tooth the bone which holds the tooth in place starts to atrophy (shrink) and can cause problems for other teeth as well as your gums.

You see teeth do more than just chew your food and help you speak. Your teeth also stimulate jawbone growth, and play a role in your bite. The loss of just one tooth can throw your bite out and cause further problems.

Replacing teeth with All on 4 teeth implants

Traditional dentures and dental bridges only replace the visible part of the tooth (the crown); the problem with this is that it does not always provide adequate jawbone stimulation which can cause the bone to start to shrink.

With dental implants you are replacing the root of the tooth with the implant and then the crown with the dental restoration attached to the implant.

Features of All on 4

There are four benefits to availing the All on 4 treatment. This includes the following:

  • Easy to clean
  • Cheaper to maintain
  • Shortened treatment duration
  • Can avoid bone grafting

The All on 4 treatment is the strategic placement of four dental implants at a 45 degree angle and then, after a day or two, the fitting of a prosthesis to the dental implants. This is known as immediate loading.

Immediate loading allows our patients to leave the practice with a full replacement of teeth. All they need to do is stick to a soft food diet for a few months to allow the bone to heal.

When you visit Bayside Smiles in Melbourne for an examination we will assess your oral health and determine if you are a suitable candidate for the All on 4 treatment. An assessment will involve x-rays and a check-up to ensure you are in good oral health. If you are suffering from gingivitis or periodontitis it is advised that these be treated prior to the All on 4 treatment being carried out.

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