Teeth Reshaping and Gum Contouring In Melbourne

Teeth reshaping and gum contouring are two dental services that can help improve your smile. Bayside Smiles offers these services and more to give you back your smile and make you feel more confident. Once you are ready, schedule for an appointment with our dentist for teeth reshaping or gum contouring at our Melbourne clinic.

Why would you want to reshape your teeth and contour your gums?

If you are looking to smoothen, shorten or level your teeth to improve your smile line then tooth reshaping may be the treatment for you. Reshaping your teeth involves a minimal adjustment of your teeth to level out your smile.

This is done by shaping down imperfections in the enamel of your teeth to camouflage twisted or misshapen teeth. Other ways to reshape your teeth, or attain the appearance of your teeth being reshaped, include porcelain veneers and dental crowns.

When you visit Bayside Smiles for a comprehensive smile assessment we will explain your options to you and recommend what we think the best option for you is.

When should you schedule for teeth reshaping or gum contouring services?

Gums which rest too low or too high on your teeth can be treated with gum contouring. Typically this treatment is carried out when a patient wants to improve the appearance of their teeth.

For some they have too much gum making their teeth look short and stubby, other times there isn’t enough gum and their teeth look unnaturally long. Depending on your needs, one of our friendly dentists can alter the shape of your gums to give your teeth the desired look.

What other dental services are available?

At Bayside Smiles we offer a range of treatments to help our patients improve their smile. By visiting us for a comprehensive smile assessment, we can examine your oral health and discuss with you what options are available. This allows us to provide you with the treatment which best suits you and your oral health.

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