What Can a Children’s Dentist Do For Your Family?

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As a parent, it is important to take care of your family’s oral health. If you have young children, you should do everything to instil the best oral care practices as early as possible so they can form the right habits they can carry with them throughout their lives.

But apart from staying on top of habit formation, it is likewise crucial to choose the right dental professional for your little ones.

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What Makes a Children’s Dentist Different?

There are specialist pediatric dentists who only treat children, often in a hospital setting or under general anaesthetic if required. Pediatric dentists specialise in the dental needs of children – from infancy through adolescence. They are experts in dealing with the most common oral health issues that occur during the developmental years.

Some general dentists with experience and continuing education also have a highly developed skill at treating children. The dentists at Bayside Smiles are trained to understand the unique psychology of young people. Hence, they implement age-appropriate techniques in dealing with patients to ensure their proper understanding of oral health as well as positive experiences at the dental clinic.

Most importantly, they use tools and equipment designed for children. The child-friendly equipment and tools make a whole world of difference in making the dental office a nice place to be.

How Can Bayside Smiles Help Your Family?

Dental professionals are totally committed to your children’s oral health and our services cover all the variables that can impact the development of your little ones’ teeth. The oral health care services a pediatric dentist provides include:

●  Regular oral examinations

These determine your children’s condition and potential health risks based on current exam results. It always helps to know your children’s oral condition so you can make the necessary changes to protect their dental health.

●  Education for parents

Lessons on preventative dental care delivered to parents include how to clean the little ones’ mouth, the importance of fluoride treatments, and the right nutrition. With these, parents can have the assurance that they are doing the right thing for their kids’ oral maintenance.

●  Counselling

This covers children’s habits such as binky or pacifier use and thumb-sucking, and genetic factors that can affect oral development.

●  Orientation regarding the possibility of costly treatments in the future

Dentists can tell quite early if a child would require orthodontic braces in the future. Therefore, he or she can help parents to financially prepare as early as possible. They inform parents about the different payment options to make costly orthodontic treatments manageable when the needs arise.

●  Emergency dental care

Children are prone to dental accidents that usually require urgent attention and treatment, and Bayside Smiles strives to provide the best emergency dentistry to take care of children in that state.

All the services a dentist provides can bring a family peace of mind about everything from typical oral health to emergency situations that typically send parents into a state of panic. Along with this, a pediatric dental professional can help a family manage health expenses by presenting solutions early in order for parents to financially prepare the best way they can.

Bayside Smiles works closely with their emergency dental practice 24/7 Dental in Moorabbin to ensure that your family can source emergency dentistry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Tips on How to Choose a Dentist for Your Family

Dentists are not created the same. So, don’t go with the first one you find right away. It is crucial to do a background check and compare when choosing a trusted dental professional with whom you can entrust your children’s oral health to.

Here are some tips that can help you with this task:

1. Limit your options to those in your area.

You do not want trips to the dentist to be a huge production every time. So, as much as possible choose a dentist with a clinic that is easily accessible to your family. Look for one near your office, the school, or your home.

2. Conduct a background check.

Most of the time, dentists share their credentials online. Read them up and find out where they studied, how long they have been in practice, their specialities, and even client reviews.

3. Check out the dental clinic.

Pay a visit to the dental offices of the dentists you are considering for the kids. You want to make sure that the clinic is appealing to your little ones because it will be so much easier to bring them for a check-up if they like the place.

4. Make sure that the dentist has a likable personality.

It is a huge advantage to find a friendly dentist or one with a personality that your children really like. It has to be a good match because when it is, getting your youngsters to go for their check-up will be a breeze. They may even look forward to each dental appointment.

5. And lastly, evaluate the staff.

It is also a must to direct attention to the conduct and demeanour of the clinic staff. See if they are not just patient with kids but also helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

If you are looking for a dentist for your children, book an appointment and visit us at Bayside Smiles. We are a trusted family-friendly dental group in Melbourne highly experienced in treating young patients — from infants ready to cut their first tooth to teenagers with unique orthodontic needs.

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